Travel Essentials Pack

Travel Essentials Pack


Organise and luxe up your luggage with our Packing Essentials. Each pack includes one Packing Cube, one Shoe Bag, and one Laundry Bag - everything you need to keep your items organised on a short trip, or as an introduction to using packing cells.

Packing Cubes: Do you struggle to find things in your suitcase? We are obsessed with packing cubes to organise, compress, and protect clothing while travelling. Our packing cubes have been designed to hold clothing folded flat or rolled to minimise wrinkles, with a breathable mesh top to keep clothes fresh and visible inside. We like to use them to keep our tops and bottoms separate, or to organise complete outfits – but the choice is yours!

Shoes Bags: One of our pet hates while travelling is shoes mixing in with all of our clean clothes. Keep your shoes contained and protected in your suitcase with our luxe shoe bags. Sized to fit one pair of shoes (heels, sneakers, or flats) and secured with a zip top, our Shoe Bags will keep your shoes together, and out of touch of your clothing.

Laundry Bag: Never again will you have to rummage through your suitcase to find your clean clothes. Keep your worn clothes separate and wash ready when you are on the move with our large zip top laundry bags.

Made from machine washable quick dry fabric, our packing essentials are versatile, easy to wash, and ready for use over and over again.


Product details:

  • Packing Cell: 30cm x 30cm x 8cm

  • Shoe Bag: 25cm x 40cm

  • Laundry Bag: 42cm x 62cm

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