Our Story

We all experience the world differently – for us, the best experiences happen when we immerse ourselves, be present, and live each moment along the way. Exploring like locals and hanging in local haunts. Being present and discovering a sense of place, wherever we are. While we always see the sights, we love to get lost in the backstreets. Often that is where you discover the true heartbeat of a place.

It is this philosophy that inspired Amici Collective. Immersing, or blending in can be difficult while carrying a ‘travel’ bag or backpack that makes us stand out as tourists. There always seems to be a choice to be made when it comes to travel bags, between those that offer the functionality needed when travelling, and fashion bags that offer little in the way of practicality, but come with a style aesthetic that makes you feel like yourself. We believe that fashion and travel functionality are not mutually exclusive, but when combined, bring a sense of confidence and effortless style to your travel experience.

Amici Collective was created to bring luxe style to travelling and life on the go. Proudly designed and handmade in Australia, our range of genuine leather travel bags come with thoughtful features that keep your belongings organised and secure. Luxe finishes stand the tests of time and frequent use, and a minimalist design complements your individual style.

Experience the world your way with Amici Collective.


With every purchase you make, we donate $1 to WaterAid Australia.

To find out more about how your purchase helps us give back to communities in need, click here for a message from our Founder.