3 hacks that will lift your packing game!

Packing for a holiday is usually when the excitement really sets in! While some trips require more consideration and planning than others, one thing doesn’t change - packing the right (or wrong) items can make or break your experience. After a few failed attempts at packing right and getting it all wrong, I’ve upped my packing game by following three simple rules…

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1. Pack Light

As an options girl, I’ve fallen into the trap of packing too many things and carrying half my bodyweight in luggage, only to find myself wearing the same faves over and over again. The key to packing light is to pack a selection of versatile items that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits, and layered to suit the weather.

When packing for any trip, the first thing I do is lay out all of my clothing options, and ask myself these questions to decide what makes it’s way into my suitcase:

Can I wear this piece with at least three other items?

Don’t make the mistake of packing too many statement pieces that aren’t easy to mix and match. Ensure that you always pack some neutral, block colour pieces that work with anything, and can be dressed up or down with accessories.

Would I wear this at home?

Have you ever packed an outfit that you were saving for the ‘right’ destination, only to leave it in your suitcase for 4 weeks? Yes, too many times! If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it at home you won’t wear it on holidays, so resist the temptation to pack it.

Are my choices appropriate for the activities I’ll be doing?

If your holiday requires specific clothing such as hiking boots, or thermals to keep you warm in polar temperatures, prioritise these items always. It may seem obvious, but the urge to pack a pair of heels for a safari adventure ‘just in case’, is probably not a good use of space. Prioritisation is everything!

Is there space left in my suitcase?

Let’s face it, we all need room for those holiday finds that we can’t go home without, and nothing kills your holiday vibe more than being hit with excess baggage charges at the check in counter on the way home. We’ve all been there, so do yourself a favour and pack light.


2. Stay organised

Rummaging through your suitcase to find what you’re looking for can become irritating day after day, and it also leads to crumpled and wrinkled clothing. A few years ago I discovered packing cells and it completely changed the way I travel!

Packing cells are a game changer when it comes to organising and protecting your clothing. I love using them to pack tops and bottoms separately, or to organise specific outfits, but how you use them is up to you! Taking the time to roll each item before packing will minimise wrinkles, and make it easier to find specific items when you need them.

When you’re travelling from place to place, it can be hard to stop your clean clothes from mixing with your shoes and dirty clothes. Protective shoe bags are a great way to keep your shoes contained and out of touch of clean clothing, and I always pack a laundry bag to keep worn clothes separate and ready to wash when needed.


3. Carry essentials items with you

There is nothing worse than being the only one left at the luggage carousel with the sinking realisation that your luggage either didn’t make the connecting flight, or has been lost somewhere in the back of an airport. Lost baggage can take anything from a few hours, a few days, or even longer to be returned, and it’s likely that you have items that can’t easily or quickly be replaced - such as prescription medications or contact lenses. Planning for this unfortunate experience is always a smart idea, so figure out what you can’t do without, and always pack those items in your carry on.

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Amanda Verardo